Project Description

Vencore, Inc, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, USA

Principal Scientist, Vencore, Inc, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. Jean-François has been involved with sea surface temperature for over 30 years, starting at the University of Rhode Island where, with Prof. Peter Cornillon as his advisor, he developed the Cayula-Cornillon edge detection algorithm. Work with sea surface temperature continued at the Stennis Space Center, where as a contractor for NRL (Naval Research Laboratory) and NAVOCEANO (Naval Oceanographic  Office), Jean-François developed the K10 (L4 product), an operational reliability estimate scheme and the NAVOCEANO SST equations (noting a missing term in the standard NLSST equations). Jean-François also wrote the code to produce NAVOCEANO SST products in GDS L2P format and for NAVOCEANO to use various GHRSST data sets. In the past year,  Jean-François has undertook an extensive redesign of NAVOCEANO VIIRS SST processing that better retains oceanic features while maintaining the strict quality control required by NAVOCEANO applications.