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The Sea Surface Temperature Virtual Constellation (SST-VC) serves as the formal link between GHRSST and the broader CEOS community.


At the highest level, the SST-VC provides a means:

  • for CEOS to present to GHRSST its needs and requirements, and
  • for GHRSST to present its needs directly to the global community of space agencies.

There are several thematic connections between GHRSST and CEOS that take place at the working group level (for example, between the GHRSST Climate Data Record TAG and the CEOS Working Group on Climate).

After developing an SST-VC proposal according to the CEOS SIT process, the SST-VC Implementation plan was endorsed by the CEOS SIT in 2012.


SST-VC Co-leads:

  • Organized and contributed to the CEOS “ARD Beyond Land” sessions: 2020 CEOS SIT Technical Workshop. (Sept 2020), 2020 CEOS Plenary (Nov 2020), 2021 CEOS SIT Meeting (Mar 2021), the working group telcons (2021) on ”ARD Beyond Land”, the CEOS Working Team all-hands webex (Dec 2020, April 2021), participated in various CEOS COAST and CEOS LSI-VC telecons
  • Contributed to the revised CEOS ARD Framework governance documentation
  • Contribute to the develop of a ”bare bones” ARD Product Family Specification (PFS) that can be adapted to other thematic disciplines such as SST
  • New ARD recommendations to be presented at next CEOS SIT Tech Workshop with a proposed Decision for following CEOS Plenary
  • Continue to assess CEOS-COAST needs and support project implementation
  •  Support SANSA in Ocean Data Cube and ARD development



For further information, please contact:

  • Ed Armstrong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (NASA). Mail: 
  • Christo Whittle, South African National Space Agency (SANSA), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Mail:
The SST Constellation

The SST Constellation