This page provides links to GHRSST project documents.

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Project documents

GHRSST Quick introduction to the set of GHRSST formatted products

This is a quick guideline for SST users on the use of GHRSST formatted products.

Cite as: GHRSST Project Office, Beggs, Helen, Karagali, Ioanna, & Castro, Sandra. (2023). Sea surface temperature: An introduction to users on the set of GHRSST formatted products (1/2023). Zenodo.

GHRSST Data Processing Specification 2.0 (GDS)

Revision: 5. The GHRSST (formatted) Data Processing Specification (GDS) provides a detailed technical specification for producing GHRSST L2, L3 and L4 products.  The latest version of this document is the GDS 2.1 version 0, published in summer 2022. The Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Science Team, Piollé, Jean-François, Armstrong, Ed, Casey, Kenneth, & Donlon, Craig. (2022). The Recommended GHRSST Data Specification (GDS) (GDS 2.1 revision 0). Zenodo.


GHRSST R/G TS System Architecture (GSA)

Version: 1.1 of 15 March 2020.  Cite as: Piolle, Jean-Francois. (2020). GHRSST R/G TS System Architecture GSA. Zenodo.

GHRSST Climate Data Assessment Framework (CDAF)

Version: 1.0.5. Cite as: Merchant, Christopher, Mittaz, Jonathan, & Corlett, Gary. (2014). Climate Data Assessment Framework (GHRSST Document Reference CDR-TAG_CDAF v 1.0.5,  4 June 2014). Zenodo.


Coral Heat Stress User SST Requirements

Version: 1.0 of 7 August 2020. Cite as: Skirving, William, Co-Chairs, & Task Team Members. (2020). Coral Heat Stress User SST Requirements (TT_CHS-D01-UReqV1). Science Team Meeting (2020) (STM2020). Zenodo.

More materials can be found on the page of the task team.


Annual reports on the GHRSST activities

Each year, the GHRSST Project Office publishes a report on the activities on the previous year.

It provides a nice overview of what has been achieved with reference to records and documentation available in open access.