@CopernicusEU: Discover a wealth of training resources with, the #Copernicus @CopHubAC Academy #Knowledge & Innovation platform Their catalogue contains a collection of educational resources such as: ▫️courses ▫️webinars ▫️presentations ▫️videos ▫️success stories 👉 https://t.co/XF9a9Jv2tB https://t.co/9kcAsNiuyC
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-71 days to prepare an abstract for the next #GHRSST international science team meeting: #SST topics, details and the template for submission are now available https://t.co/H09o6G6cGT The 23rd GHRSST meeting will be a virtual and in-person meeting hosted by ICM/CSIC in Barcelona https://t.co/UzTsd59lyt
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@WMO: WMO co-sponsored @WCRP_climate is one of organizers of discussions on the role of permafrost, ice sheets, ocean, and monsoons in tipping elements, irreversibility, and abrupt change in the Earth system. Details and registration (free) https://t.co/b3rw45ZrMW #ClimateChange https://t.co/0iLnJbVmLd
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Integrated SST Data Products

The Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (GHRSST) provides a new generation of global high-resolution (<10km) SST products to the operational oceanographic, meteorological, climate and general scientific community.


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