@esa_EO: Did you know that you could be a speaker at the biggest #EarthObservation event on 🌎? @esa's Living Planet Symposium #LPS22 is set to take place in Bonn next May and the call for abstracts is still open! Don't miss this chance - you have until 26 Nov: https://t.co/Q6IhFYUcIO https://t.co/UjBx0W2IrA
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@esa_cryosat: It's the final stretch! Only five days left to submit your abstracts for the Living Planet Symposium 2022😱Check out all the #polarscience sessions and the opportunities to present your work using #CryoSat and #CRYO2ICE data. Submit by this Friday👉 https://t.co/RwEaX59LBr https://t.co/s48ajY9QxB
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@BG10Blueaction: Satellite products that can be useful for adapting to climate change: "better data, better knowledge, better projections of processes of the climate change are topics we need to work on, to feed into services for adaptation and mitigation" @JacobHoeyer @dmidk @GHRSST https://t.co/j28yjZzqB0
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Integrated SST Data Products

The Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (GHRSST) provides a new generation of global high-resolution (<10km) SST products to the operational oceanographic, meteorological, climate and general scientific community.


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