Integrated SST Data Products

The Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) (GHRSST) provides a new generation of global high-resolution (<10km) SST products to the operational oceanographic, meteorological, climate and general scientific community.

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Satellite Oceanography User Workshop

A user workshop on satellite oceanography was hosted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, in Melbourne on 9-11 November 2015.

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Application in weather and ocean prediction

GHRSST products are widely used daily in numerical weather and ocean forecasting systems. SST is a fundamental parameter in the transfer of heat, momentum and gases between the ocean and the atmosphere.

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17th GHRSST Science Team meeting

The 17th GHRSST Science Team meeting was held near Washington DC, USA, between 6-10 June 2016, hosted by CIRA in association with NOAA. For all details please see the meeting web page here.

Presentations are now available here.


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