The GHRSST Technical Advisory Groups or GHRSST TAGs are groups of experts who advise GHRSST on particular issues.

They exist only when tasked by the Science Team.


TAG User Data And Services Technical Advisory Group (chair: Jean-François Piollé)

The User Data and Services TAG is currently reviewing the report on The Evolution of Regional/Global Task Sharing (R/GTS) produced by the R/GTS Task Team and will advise on implementation of the recommended changes at the next Science Team meeting.

TAG Climate Data Records Technical Advisory Group (chair: John Mittaz)

The GHRSST Climate Data Records Technical Advisory Group (CDR-TAG) coordinates the global production of SST Climate Data Records (CDR) extending back to 1981. Through interactions with the GCOS SST and Sea Ice Working Group, ESA’s Climate Change Initiative, the NOAA CDR Program, and members of the global climate SST community, the RAN-TAG has developed a comprehensive SST Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Framework for SST. This framework reflects the fact that no single SST CDR product can meet all users’ needs and illustrates the requirement for a coordinated suite of SST CDR products instead. The RAN-TAG works to ensure that all GHRSST operational and delayed mode data sets are archived and made available at the NODC LTSRF, and that the many groups developing CDRs around the world work together smoothly and efficiently, minimizing unnecessary duplication of effort and sharing scientific advances and product development experience.


TAG Analysis And Intercomparison Technical Advisory Group (chair: Mike Chin)

The aim of the IC-TAG is to develop international collaboration in this field in order to assess and inter-compare the different L4 analyses, and to provide uncertainty estimates on both the analyses and observational products, and appropriate guiding of the users. There are currently three systems used for inter-comparing the various L4 analyses within the IC-TAG:


TAG Estimation And Validation Technical Advisory Group (chair: Andy Harris)

The development of the Sensor Specific Error Statistics (SSES) is one of the activities of the Estimation and Validation Technical Advisory Group. This group was established to look at all aspects of satellite SST validation: from the reference data itself, to the challenges which occur when comparing these locally representative reference observations to satellite data, to the ongoing refinement of the uncertainty estimates.