The GHRSST Advisory Council (AC) provides a formal interface between the GHRSST Science Team and the key stakeholders of GHRSST activities.

Composition of the Advisory Council

The list of the advisory council member (updated to 9 August 2021): AdvisoryCouncilMembership2021-22_troika (PDF version).

Terms of references

The work  and work of the Advisory Council is regulated by its Terms of References.Version 2.1 of 23 June 2021:  AdvCouncilGHRSST-ToR-v2.1 (PDF version).


Latest report to the Science Team

June 2022 Report of the AC to the Science Team: 202206-GXXIII-AC-report-to-ST-web

June 2021 Report of the AC to the Science Team: 202106-GXXII-AC-report-to-ST (PDF Version)


Collaboration tools for the Advisory Council

Slack channel (on invitation only):

If you have not received the invitation, please contact Chiara Bearzotti (