GHRSST is led by elected international experts: the GHRSST International Science Team. The Science Team co-ordinates the data production and related research. Continuous efforts to refine the GHRSST data management structures ensure a functional system that conforms to international directives and results in easy access and guidance for users. The Science Team is organised into Technical Advisory Groups focused on particular challenges and activities ( Twelve Task Teams are initiated to address and work on identified issues and projects.

Major stakeholders are represented in the GHRSST Advisory Council which advises the Science Team on its strategy.

The GHRSST Project Office (GPO), located at the Danish Meteorological Institute and funded by the Copernicus Programme, supports the day-to-day coordination and working of the group.

An overview of how GHRSST is organised is given below.

The chart shows how GHRSST is arranged around its Science Team, its Technical Advisory and Working Groups, its alignment with the CEOS SST Virtual Constellation, and its management through the Project Office with the support and advise of the Advisory Council.

GHRSST Organisation

Figure above: The GHRSST Organisational Chart