Task Team on Shipborne Radiometry

Fiducial reference measurements of SST by shipborne radiometers are key to the validation of satellite SST retrievals.



Building a collaboration network

The Task Team has brought together a community of in situ radiometer builders, operators and data users in a collaborative network for the promotion of good practice, coordination of activities, and collection and dissemination of data: The International Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Fiducial Reference Measurement (FRM) Radiometer Network (ISFRN).

A common data format

The L2R data format was developed as a common data format for in situ SST measurements.

A data archive

A publically accessible archive of shipborne radiometer data can be accessed through the ISFRN website.


Last report to the Science Team (GHRSST-XXI, 2020)

Shipborne Radiometry Task Team Report


Task Team Members

Chair: Werenfrid Wimmer

Members: Tim Nightingale, Jacob Höyer, Peter Minnett, Helen Beggs, Kyung-Ae Park, Lei Guan, Igor Tomažić, Jean-François Piollé, Haifeng Zhang