Project Description

Bureau of Meteorology

Haifeng Zhang is a Research Scientist at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology where he is responsible for the production of high quality in situ SST data obtained from a variety of platforms including ships and a mooring in the Southern Ocean. Additionally, Haifeng works on the SST data applications such as the validation of satellite retrievals against in situ SST data. Haifeng’s earlier work focused on SST diurnal variation, cool skin effect, iQuam data production and quality control. Haifeng Zhang holds a Ph.D and his research interest and expertise centre around SST diurnal variation, cool skin effect, In Situ SST, Satellite SST cal/val, air-sea heat flux. Haifeng has a professional background in Ocean Remote Sensing. Currently, he is working on the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Ship SST Sensors project.

Haifeng first got involved with GHRSST during his Ph.D studies when he was co-supervised by Dr. Helen Beggs who had already been a long-standing member of the GHRSST Science Team. Since 2018, Haifeng has been regularly attending GHRSST Science Team meetings. Haifeng is looking forward to collaborating with other SST experts as a member of the GHRSST Science Team. His advice for early-career scientists starting out on their journey, Haifeng says to try and keep your passion and curiousity going and to always go further and deeper with your work.

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