Project Description


Olafur Jonasson is a Senior Support Scientist at NOAA where he is involved with the development, maintenance, and documentation of scientific code related to satellite SST retrievals and collation. Olafur holds a Ph.D in Physics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Olafur has a professional background as a Scientific Programmer and his expertise and research interests lie within the collation of SST data, SST retrievals, and SST validation.

Olafur first became involved with the GHRSST Community through his work at the NOAA SST group in 2017. Coming on board as a GHRSST Science Team member, Olafur is most looking forward to the involvement with the scientists in the community with related research goals. His advice for early-career scientists and researchers entering into the field is to keep up-to-date on SST literature by reading recent publications.

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