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Marisol Garcia-Reyes is Principal Scientist at Farallon Institute. In this role, Marisol conducts research on variability in oceanographic and atmospheric conditions in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems, its relationship with global and regional climate, and how it impacts the marine ecosystem. She also leads the Multi-sensor Improved Sea Surface Temperature (MISST) project, and along with a NASA salinity project, investigate how in situ and remote sense data compare in challenging environments.

Marisol holds a BSc in Physics from the National University of Mexico, and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of California at Davis. Her professional background stems from her time as a post-doc and scientist at the Farallon Institute since 2012. Her expertise and research interests lie within Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems and analyzing, comparing, and synthesizing in situ, remote sense and modeled data for validation and to facilitate the use on physical and biological applications. Currently, Marisol is working on NASA’s Multi-sensor Improved Sea Surface Temperature (MISST) project.

Marisol first became involved with GHRSST in 2021 through the MISST project. As one of the newest memebers of the GHRSST Science Team, Marisol is most looking forward to getting to know the community, interests and motivations of the groups and individuals that are part of GHRSST. For early-career scientists entering into the field, Marisol’s advice would be to pursue and learn about your interest.

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