Project Description


Ana Oliveira is an earth observation (EO) expert specializing in Machine Learning (ML)-based applications for climate change hazard mapping and impact assessment at CoLAB +ATLANTIC. She has a PhD degree from the MIT Portugal Program where she studied the interaction between air temperatures and the city, including the influence of regional wind flows, considering several coastal cities from southern Europe. In her PhD, she developed empirical models to estimate the atmospheric canopy layer and the land surface urban heat island (UHI) intensities in two Mediterranean cities, by using open science methods, EO and climate data. She is the first author of 9 peer-reviewed scientific publications. At +ATLANTIC she is the technical lead in several activities, including European Space Agency (ESA) projects (CareHEAT, focusing on Marine Heat Waves), and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) projects (Evaluation and Quality Control Function, focusing on EO/land and in-situ/atmospheric data products).