It is common for satellite data to be validated by analysis of matched satellite retrieval and in situ measurement pairs. However, significantly different results are obtained if different matchup criteria or different metrics are used. The Task Team will recommend a common set of matchup database standards (MDB), format, metrics and protocols for SST products.


Suggest the way forward towards common SST MDB production method and assessment metrics and protocols.


Task 1: Information collection

The task team has started with an assessment of the current status, collecting and analysing information on current MDBs, reference data types, tools and metrics for SST analysis.

Task 2: MDB inter-comparison

List of MDB tools for comparison, list of MDB functionalities for matrix comparison, create matrix between MDB functionalities.

Task 3: Metrics and Protocols

Identify a list of validation and referent types of data and datasets, identify metrics and protocols in SST analysis,  group metrics and protocols by validation (i.e. satellite) and referent (i.e. in situ) data.

Task 4: Round robin validation SST MDB intercomparison

The team will design and carry out a round-robin MDB inter-comparison. Define round-robin intercomparison (i.e. define simulated TDS, …), perform round-robin validation intercomparison on test MDB.

Task 5: Whitepaper + online information (e.g. matrix page)

Results of the inter-comparison will be published online and the team will present recommendations on MDB format, metrics and protocols in a white paper.


  • June 2022:


Presentations: Presentation on the TT progress and task

Presentation for discussion at the plenary (28 June 2022) from the start to minute 18:42 


Co-chairs: Igor Tomažić (EUMETSAT) and Jean-François Piollé (IFREMER)

Members: Edward Armstrong, Gary Corlett, Owen Embury, Chelle Gentemann, Jacob Hoeyer, Thomas Huang, Alexander Ignatov, Stephane Saux Picart, Jorge Vazquez, Werenfrid Wimmer.


Please contact the co-chairs directly:

  • Igor Tomažić,
  • Jean-Francois Piollé,