Task Team on Matchup Database Standards (MDB-TT)

It is common for satellite data to be validated by analysis of matched satellite retrieval and in situ measurement pairs. However, significantly different results are obtained if different matchup criteria or different metrics are used. The Task Team will recommend a common set of MDB format, metrics and protocols for SST products.


Information collection

The TT will start with an assessment of the current status, collecting and analysing information on current MDBs, reference data types, tools and metrics for SST analysis.

MDB inter-comparison

The team will design and carry out a round-robin MDB inter-comparison. Results of the inter-comparison will be published online and the team will present recommendations on MDB format, metrics and protocols in a white paper.


Last report to the Science Team (GHRSST-XXI, 2020)

Matchup Database (MDB) Task TeamReport #1, GHRSST XXI


Task Team Members

Co-chairs: Igor Tomazic, Jean-Francois Piolle

Members: Edward Armstrong, Gary Corlett, Owen Embury, Chelle Gentemann, Jacob Hoeyer, Thomas Huang, Alexander Ignatov, Stephane Saux Picart, Jorge Vazquez, Werenfrid Wimmer