Meet the GHRSST Team at our 2024 Ocean Decade Conference Satellite Event on Monitoring the Ocean!

GHRSST Science Team Members, Cristina González Haro and Ana Oliveira will be sitting on the expert panel at the upcoming satellite event hosted at ICM.

Cristina will be explore monitoring of the oceans with satellites while Ana will provide insights on how policymakers and final users can benefit from research outcomes. Other experts in the panel will unpack: the importance of newly launched high-resolution satellite missions, in-situ observations for ocean monitoring, how models can be improved with new data from in-situ and satellites and how models can be used for impacts, and how supercomputers can help modelling and the next challenges of high performance computing.

The Satellite Event, Monitoring the Ocean will have two components:

  1. Panel Discussion
  • Objective: Draw attention of policymakers to the need for high-resolution observations and continued in-situ observations for monitoring the ocean health and its impact on the Earth system
  1. Photo Exhibition of fieldwork/satellite images from monitoring the ocean and Social Event on the ICM terrace

Register for the event here by 29 March 2024!