Project Description

Danish Meteorological Institute

Dr. Karagali handles the production and dissemination of Copernicus Marine Service SST and IST products for the North Sea/Baltic Sea and the Arctic. She holds a PhD in Remote Sensing for Meteorology and Oceanography and is currently a Senior Consultant at the Danish Meteorological Institute where she is responsible for research, dissemination, coordination, and project management. Prior to DMI, Ioanna held positions as a Post-Doc and Senior Researcher at the Danish Technological University in Copenhagen.

With a strong focus on satellite-based sea surface temperature (SST) research, Dr. Karagali has an extensive background in analyzing L4 products, mostly regional and high-resolution data, for validation with in-situ measurements, analysis of diurnal warming and climate trends. A crucial aspect of Dr. Karagali’s expertise lies in understanding of L4p roducts are generated from L2 and L3 data, as well as having interest in SST, IST, winds, oceanography, remote sensing, and ocean and atmopsheric modelling.

Dr. Karagali first became involved with GHRSST (Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature) through her involvement in a PhD project, co-supervised by Jacob Høyer. His guidance and mentorship led Dr. Karagali to be a part of the GHRSST community, where her first GHRSST meeting debut was at the 2010 Lima meeting.

Being an integral part of the GHRSST community has proven immensely beneficial for Dr. Karagali. It provided the opportunity to meet and interact with the titans of satellite-based SST research—researchers whose groundbreaking papers inspired and guided them during their doctoral studies. She has also benefitted from networking, gaining insights into data and products, and conducting state-of-the-art research. Additionally, as an active Science Team member, Dr. Karagali plays a vital role in identifying and addressing the evolving needs of the GHRSST science team and the broader SST community.

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