Project Description


Dr. Gary A. Wick is a Supervisory Research Physicist at NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory. In this role, Gary serves as the chief of the Boundary Layer Observations and Processes Division within the Physical Sciences Laboratory and conducts research related to satellite observations, air-sea interactions, and surface processes impacting the SST. Gary holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado and has over 23 years of professional background in scientific research within NOAA following several previous years of research within academic institutions.

Gary’s research interest and expertise lie within process understanding of air-sea interactions, interfacial processes, and characterization of satellite retrievals of associated parameters.

Gary became involved with GHRSST at its very outset, motivated by an interest in how to best incorporate different observations and understanding of interfacial processes into improved SST products. Being part of the GHRSST Community has cumulated in many benefits for Gary. He highlights that “The GHRSST Community has provided the best possible international connections to all those actively engaged in SST retrievals and understanding. The professional interactions and knowledge sharing have been invaluable.” These benefits have also given Gary his most memorable experiences highlighted by the professional interactions, conversations, and collaborations, necessary to approach a more common framework for SST product formulation and guidance of additional research priorities.

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