Project Description

UK Met Office

Chongyuan is a Senior Ocean Scientist at the Met Office, UK. Chongyuan works on the processing and inclusion of observations for the best use in ocean analyses and models, validating ocean models using observations, and the development and maintenance of the OSTIA system.

Chongyuan has been working with SST data since 2009 when she focused on long-term variation in SST and the impact on phytoplankton abundance in the North Atlantic. Following this, Chongyuan worked with satellite data and in-situ SST observations to develop and validate SST analyses, especially for diurnal variation. Chongyuan has also used simulated SST observations (from real observations) to assess the effectiveness of the ocean observing network, as well as mkaing recommendations for future design.

Chongyuan first got involved in GHRSST through her work at the Met Office. Chongyuan has been a GHRSST Science Team Member since 2019 and a memebr of the Advisory Council since 2020.

What Chongyuan has to say about the GHRSST Community:

“GHRSST is such a unique scientific community, it’s relatively small and focused on one common topic. I enjoyed working with scientists from different organizations but with the same goal in mind: continuously improving our understanding of the ocean through better SST retrieval, better utilization of SST data and better representation of SST. I learned so much about SST and continuous learning about it through contacts with agencies responsible for developing and launching satellite, to scientists working on the data retrieval, to colleagues and organization (like ourselves) producing SST analyses or climate products, to end users all in one place. Because it is a close and active community, I gain knowledge not just academically but also collaboratively.”