GHRSST Talks are a series of webinars on SST measured by the satellite constellation. They take place once a month, in average.

The speakers for the first half of 2023 are lined up.

Please click on the links below to access the abstracts of the talks, links for the registration and materials:

19 January 2023: Philippe Gamet, GHRSST Talk on the Indo-French TRISHNA satellite mission

16 February 2023: Cristina Gonzalez Haro, Evaluation and intercomparison of GHRSST products at a global scale

1 March 2023: Yuwei Hu, Intercomparison of High-Resolution SST Climatologies Over the Australian Region

4 April 2023: Tasha Snow (title tbc)

20 April 2023: Lluisa Puig Moner, On the equivalence between Singularity Exponents and Finite Size Lyapunov Exponents

End of May (tbc): Mingkun Liu, title tbc

Mid June (tbc): Claudia Fanelli, title tbc