Monday 3rd June 2019 –
Friday 7th June 2019


ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy


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The 20th GHRSST International Science Team Meeting (G-XX) was hosted by ESA at ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, from 3rd to 7th June 2019.2019 was marking the 20th meeting of the GHRSST International Science Team (G-XX) and was a great opportunity to have a forward-looking meeting focusing on innovation and challenges to develop the future perspective for GHRSST – most notably with respect to the mix of microwave and thermal infrared satellite capability.The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Bring together scientific and operational SST users and producers to review progress and achievements of SST science and applications within the GHRSST framework;
  • Forward-look towards future innovation and challenges for GHRSST and the SST community over the next 20 years;
  • Be Open to everybody but especially to SST experts and the international community actively involved in SST science and applications;
  • Use plenary discussions and keynote talks to tackle specific issues, as well as poster sessions/interactive presentations to promote further discussions.


Plenary Session I: Introduction


Plenary Session II: Review of activities since G-XIX


Plenary Session III: Passive Microwave Measurements


Plenary Session IV: Feature resolution

Plenary Session V: Applications


Plenary Session VI: Retrieval


Plenary Session VII: In situ measurements


Plenary Session VIII: Diurnal variability


Plenary Session IX: Climate Data Records


Task team reports,


Closing remarks

Wrap-up/closing remarks, Anne O’Carroll, https://zenodo.org/record/5727336#.YZ-NN9CZOHs