After meetings of the GHRSST Climatology and L4 Inter-Comparison Task Team during GHRSST-XX, followed by a telecon in College Park, MD, on 19th June 2019, there has been significant interest from GHRSST Science Team members in contributing to an IC-TT task that will focus on SST assessment for climate studies and climate applications from the users’ point of view, led by Chunxue Yang (CNR).  Producers of GHRSST L4 products are invited to participate in this study (see details below).

Please email (CC: by 7th July 2019 if you would like to participate in this SST inter-comparison for climate studies Task either by providing long term L4 products or scientific advice.

Preliminary outline of SST inter-comparison for climate studies:

Chunxue Yang (CNR) and Salvatore Marullo (ENEA)

(1)          Mean (climatology) and standard deviation, difference between each member with GMPE

(2)          Global mean and anomaly time series (mean and standard deviation), different sections (Atlantic, Pacific, Northern and Southern)

(3)          Linear or nonlinear trend of SST

(4)          Seasonality

(5)          SST gradients (selected areas – especially western boundary areas and Southern Ocean)

(6)          Tropical modes (ENSO, Indian Ocean Dipole, Tropical Atlantic Variability) as specific climate case studies


Data (Level 4) to be included:




HadISST (Met Office)

GMPEGHRSST (time coverage) only for climatology comparison (2009-onwards) ERA5-SST (1979-onwards) Daily AVHRR-only OISSTv2 (NCEI) (under consideration) MGDSST (JMA) (under consideration) Monthly or Weekly 1 deg OI SST (BoM) (under consideration)