Event Date(s):

Monday 4th June 2018 –
Friday 8th June 2018


EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany

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The 19th International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XIX) was hosted and sponsored by EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany, from 4th  to 8th June 2018. 

The meeting was held to bring scientific and operational SST users and producers together to review progress and achievements of SST science and applications within the GHRSST framework. The meeting was open to SST experts and the application community actively involved in SST science and applications. The meeting format used plenary discussion and keynote talks to tackle specific issues. Poster sessions were used to promote discussion.

Plenary Session I: Introduction

Plenary Session II (part 1): Review of activities since G-XVIII

Plenary Session II (part 2): Review of activities since G-XVIII

Plenary Session III: Analysis of SST


Plenary Session IV: Applications of SST


Plenary Session V: Air-Sea Interaction


Plenary Session VI: Calibration/Validation

Plenary Session VII: SLSTR

Plenary Session VIII: SST Products

Plenary Session IX: Tools and Services

Plenary Session X: Retrieval of SST

Task Teams Reporting

Closing session

Wrap-up, Anne O’Carroll, https://zenodo.org/record/5237248

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