Monday 27th August 2018 –
Friday 31st August 2018


Townsville, Australia

The aim of the workshop will be to discuss ways to improve SST products in complex shallow-water coastal and coral reef regions.With the recent global bleaching event from 2014-2017, the need to understand and improve these data products has never been greater. The main emphasis will be on the development of improved methodologies for satellite SST retrieval algorithms that are able to meet the needs of the coral reef scientific and management communities.  In situ measurements and model outputs will be discussed since these form a key component to cal/val for satellite SST algorithms, but also can be combined with satellite data to form end-user products (e.g. Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis Reanalysis (OSTIA) and locally the  sea surface temperature atlas of the Australian regional seas (SSTAARS).The workshop will be hosted jointly by the Australian Institute of Marine Science and NOAA Coral Reef Watch over five days: August 27-31, 2018 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.  The hosts will provide the venue, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, however all other expenses are expected to be covered by the attendee.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • facilitate an understanding of end-user problems to the product and algorithm developers;
  • help the users understand the current set of solutions available;
  • stimulate discussions that will lead to improvements in algorithm development of more suitable SST products for the broader coral reef user community.

The workshop is by invitation only of people who are leading the research and management in this area as the workshop aims to be small enough to facilitate robust discussions and large enough to be inclusive of the key players that can contribute to the workshop’s outcomes.