GHRSST was present at the Thermal EO 2023 workshop ( with a presentation held on 11 May 2023 by Jacob Høyer (DMI), member of the GHRSST Science Team and of the GHRSST Project Office.

The Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature is an open international science group: it coordinates research and operational developments in satellite-derived sea-surface temperature (SST) and it promotes the application of satellites for monitoring SST by enabling SST data producers, users and scientists to collaborate within an agreed framework of best practices.

GHRSST requirements for future high-resolution sea-surface temperature missions have been discussed and shared with the SST community.

GHRSST is also welcoming inputs on future requirements of high-res missions at its next International SST Users’ Symposium & GHRSST international Science Team Meeting to be held in Ahmedabad (India), in-person and online, 16-20 October 2023, hosted by ISRO.

The call for abstracts is open!  Submit your abstract for the International SST User Symposium and GHRSST International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST24)

Download the talk from Zenodo: