Abstract submission for the GHRSST XXII virtual meeting will close on 14th March 2021. The meeting will take place 7-11 June 2021.

GHRSST XXII is a meeting for SST data producers, scientists, and users: a chance to catch up on the latest developments in SST and for users to quiz SST data producers and influence the next generation of SST products.

For instructions on how to submit an abstract go to https://www.ghrsst.org/meetings/22nd-ghrsst-international-science-team-meeting-g-xxii/


The virtual meeting will be a mixture of pre-recorded and real time sessions with opportunities to meet colleagues online for social and science conversation.

The science sessions will consist of a mix of pre-recorded oral presentations and posters with online discussion forums (similar to the meeting last year).

The reports from the agencies will be via a slide-deck made available to participants and there will be some real time meetings for questions.

The task teams will make their reports in oral presentations to real time meetings (using Zoom or Webex).

We will also have the opening and closing sessions in real time. During the opening session there will be a chance for colleagues to remember our valued colleague Tim Liu who passed away last year.

For the course of the meeting GHRSST will have a virtual room based at wonder.me where colleagues can meet up and move between small group video conversations.


Best regards,

GHRSST-XXII Organising Committee