GHRSST Talks, a series of talks on Sea Surface Temperature measured by the satellite constellation

The Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature grew out of a GODAE Pilot Project, 1997-2008. GHRSST mission is to provide operational users and the science community with the SST measured by the satellite constellation. GHRSST coordinates research and operational developments in satellite-derived SST. GHRSST is composed of an international Science Team of researchers and operational practitioners.

Within GHRSST, the Science Team is offering opportunities to researchers and in particular to early career researchers to present their recent results in this new series of online talks, the GHRSST talks.

For whom: Researchers of any career level from all over the world.

Topics: Applications of SST, processing and products, calibration, validation and product assessment, algorithms, computing and products, future missions (this list is not exhaustive).

Format: Online discussion, organised by the GHRSST project office on MS Teams.


Structure of each GHRSST talk

A time slot of 45 minutes:

  • Short introduction on GHRSST and the speaker,
  • 20 minutes science talk,
  • 20 minutes Q&A with the speaker.

No recordings and no sharing of slides unless the speaker is willing to.


Our calendar can be found on the webpage of the GHRSST talks


We hope we have piqued your interest!

If you wish to become one of the speakers, please send a short mail to the GHRSST project office and indicate the following information:

  • the provisional title of the talk,
  • few lines of introduction on the topic of the talk,
  • few lines of introduction about yourself and your affiliations, and your career level (priority will be given to early career researchers),
  • the preferred date and time for the talk.

After receiving your email, we will screen the applications and get in touch within few days to organise the talk with you.


What do we wish to achieve?

  • From the researchers’ perspective: GHRSST offers you the possibility to share your research results on SST, or information on your SST applications, exchange with other SST experts, meet other fellows around the world,
  • From the GHRSST’s community perspective: identify emerging issues related to SST research and applications, grow the GHRSST community, increase visibility of science and application results.


The GHRSST Project Office will:

  • Promote the talk on GHRSST website, on GHRSST mailing lists, Twitter account and social media,
  • Gather registrations, mail participants, send reminders,
  • Arrange the MS Teams teleconference,
  • Moderate the Q&A session.

Speakers commit to:

  • Prepare a short teaser for promoting the event,
  • Be available at the agreed time slot and deliver the talk,
  • Be willing to participate in the Q&A session after the talk.