The GHRSST23 science team meeting will take place 27 June-1 July 2022 as a virtual and in-person meeting.

We have made available a draft version of the Book of Abstracts. 

In the Book of Abstracts you can find the description of the science sessions, the abstracts submitted for talks, posters, workshops, panel discussions and much more. The document can be accessed here

Interested in checking the agenda?

You can find the draft version of the agenda here

Interested in joining us for the virtual part of the event?

Please register on Eventbrite:

For whom is this meeting?

GHRSST XXIII is a meeting for SST data producers, scientists, and users: a chance to catch up on the latest developments in SST and for users to quiz SST data producers and influence the next generation of SST products. More details on this page: