Do not miss the deadline of 18 April 2022 for submitting your abstract for the 23rd GHRSST international science team meeting.

The GHRSST23 science team meeting will take place 27 June-1 July 2022 as a virtual and in-person meeting.

For whom is this meeting?

GHRSST XXIII is a meeting for SST data producers, scientists, and users: a chance to catch up on the latest developments in SST and for users to quiz SST data producers and influence the next generation of SST products. More details on this page: 

How can you contribute to this meeting?

There are two options for you to provide an active contribution:

  1. You can apply for an oral presentation
  2. You can apply for an interactive presentation  (= our poster sessions)
  3. If you plan to be in Barcelona, you can also apply for the organisation of an in-person workshop, to be held in Barcelona. Topics are suggested below.

Where do you find te forms?

Here below:

1. and 2.  Submit an abstract for an oral presentation/interactive (*) 

With your abstract, you apply for ejther an oral presentation or for an interactive one (a poster).
The abstracts will help us shape the following planned sessions:

  • science sessions
  • poster sessions
  • agency discussions

Please use the template for the submission of your abstract and check the instructions contained in the document.

Template in Word format: GXXIII-TEMPLATE-Abstract_Surname

(*) interactive= poster presentations

3.Submit an abstract for an “in-person collaborative event” in Barcelona

At the meeting in Barcelona, it is our wish to see several in-person collaborative events, for the participants in Barcelona to interact and discuss specific topics of interest for the SST community.
These events are specific workshop-style sessions.

Suggested topics are: SST dataset development, production, validation, and use in applications. Session proposals featuring GHRSST products will be given priority.

Would you be interested in organising one of these session?
If yes, please check the instructions in the template below.

Template in Word format: GXXIII-TEMPLATE-In-personCollaborativeEvent_Surname