The 23rd International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XXIII) will take place on 27 June -1 July 2022 as a virtual and in-person meeting hosted by ICM/CSIC in Barcelona (Spain).


Event Dates: 27 June-1 July 2022

Format: a virtual and in-person meeting

Physical location: Institut de Ciencies del Mar (CSIC), Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 37-49, 08003 Barcelona (ES)

Virtual location: EUMETSAT Moodle & teleconferecing tools

Local host: the Institute de Ciencies del Mar, the meeting is organised with the support of Cristina González-Haro and Jordi Isern-Fontanet (CSIC).


Sponsors of the event: ICM-CSIC, BEC, and PTI-Teledetect.


For the VIRTUAL part of the event, please get your ticket from Eventbrite:

For the IN-PERSON part of  the event: please get in contact with Chiara Bearzotti (

Meeting documents


Meeting platforms

All links to the platforms are listed in the Moodle.

We will be using Zoom and

Meeting sessions

Highlights of the Science Sessions

In the agenda of the event, we have foreseen two time slots (online, synchronous) to give some of the presenters the possibility to provide some highlights of their talk (max 5 min).

These short presentations will be held online (synchronous). In the agenda slots, we will group more presentations together and have a joint Q&A session for participants to ask questions.

Invitation to the invited speakers have been sent out on 3rd May 2022.


  • Live highlights of the Science Sessions via Zoom and
  • Pre-recorded talks will be available on EUMETSAT Moodle. 
  • Forum for questions on Moodle.

Science Sessions 

  • Pre-recorded presentations will be uploaded in the Moodle: Talks will be pre-recorded and the presentations will be delivered in advance to the meeting. The pre-recorded presentations can be 15 / 20 minutes long. The presentations need to feed into the GHRSST priorities set in 2021 and/or the following topics: retrieval, validation, applications, coasts, high latitudes, feature resolution.
  • A Moodle forum will be set up to allow discussion on the pre-recorded presentations.


  • Pre-recorded talks will be available on the EUMETSAT Moodle. 
  • Forum for questions on Moodle.

Poster Sessions

Format: there will be an in-person poster session and an online poster session (not hybrid).

All posters should be available online. If the participant is coming to Barcelona, she/he could bring a poster too for the poster boards in Barcelona. The session on day 1 for the posters is combined with an icebreaker activity in Barcelona.

  • In-person session: in person with poster boards in the area where we meet in the Barcelona premises. Posters will be available during the entire week in the patio /hall.
  • Online session: All posters published online, in advance, on a specific platform where it is possible to drop the poster in PDF. There will be the possibility to meet the presenter on the platform for a live online presentation during specific slots allocated to the Poster Session in the agenda.

All posters to be made available online (in advance): they will be uploaded in the Moodle and in


In-person collaborative events

Format: in-person only.

Specific workshop-style sessions, to be organised according to the needs of the participants.

  • No video and audio connection due to the constraints of the conference room.
  • Two rapporteurs of the event will take live minutes in Google docs, giving the possibility to colleagues online to ask questions via Slido.

NEW! Specific slots are allocated in the morning time in the agenda for these events. Each workshop could be 60-90 minutes in length. We have a limited number of rooms available, of different sizes. Please let us know your needs.

Agency discussion

Format: Online only. 

  • Pre-prepared slides for each contributor, made available on the Moodle in advance to the meeting. With few slides per person with salient points.
  • Presentations and live Q&A Discussion (questions on the agency report slides)
  • Possibility on request to present a full presentation (no longer than 10 minutes) with names listed on the agenda.

Task team reporting

Format: Online only. 

  • The sessions vary in length and include time for the presentation and for the questions. Please note that not all teams will be reporting at the meeting, only those you see in the agenda.
  • Presentations will be uploaded in the Moodle before the TT session.
  • In Moodle there will also be a forum for discussion.
  • NEW! Template for the TT presentations: Mandatory template (in the drive)

The sessions will be online, synchronous.


Panel Discussions

Format: Online only. 

There will be three panel discussion sessions.

  • Discussion session 1: SST Training formats. 
  • Discussion session 2: GHRSST 25th anniversary publication. 
  • Discussion session 3: GHRSST priorities.



Format: Teleconference

Time: Friday 1 July, 13:00 CEST.

Organisers: Ed Armstrong and Christo Whittle.

Advisory Council Meeting

Meeting for the GHRSST Advisory Council, on invitation only, for the AC members only.

Time: Tuesday 28 June 2022, starting at 22:00 CEST.


Closing session

  • Short poster overview with 2-5 minutes per poster, if people want to.
  • Report from the GHRSST Advisory Council, as in 2021.
  • Report of the task teams, review of actions, report from the “panel discussion session”, AOB.
  • Closing remarks.


Participation fee

Our sponsors will cover the coffee breaks and the icebreaker event during the GHRSST23 meeting.

Please note that for the social event and dinner, a separate fee will be due to the organisers  to be paid cash at the event or in advance via bank transfer.


International travel and Covid-19

The event will be organised following the rules set by the Spanish Health Ministry. Currently (March 2022). You can find updated information regarding the legislation and requirements for the Covid-19

At the meeting, you will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the meeting.