The 23rd International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XXIII) took place on 27 June -1 July 2022 as a virtual and in-person meeting hosted by ICM/CSIC in Barcelona (Spain).

Event Dates: 27 June-1 July 2022

Format: a virtual and in-person meeting

Physical location: Institut de Ciencies del Mar (CSIC), Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 37-49, 08003 Barcelona (ES)

Virtual location: EUMETSAT Moodle & teleconferencing tools

Local host: Institute de Ciencies del Mar, the meeting is organised with the support of Cristina González-Haro and Jordi Isern-Fontanet (CSIC).

Sponsors of the event: ICM-CSIC, BEC, and PTI-Teledetect.

NEW! Proceedings

The proceedings contain the links to all the resources listed below (PowerPoints, recordings and posters).

Download the document:

Cite as: GHRSST Project Office. (2022). Proceedings 23rd International GHRSST Science Team Meeting (2022) GHRSST XXIII. Zenodo.



Science Sessions 

  • Science Session 1 – Applications
  • Science Session 2 – Processing and products
  • Science Session 3 – Calibration, Validation and Product Assessment
  • Science Session 4 – Algorithms
  • Science Session 5 – Computing and Products
  • Science Session 6 – Future Missions

In-person  workshops

  • Workshop W1: What dynamical information can we extract from High Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures?
  • Workshop W2: Coastal and inland waters 60m-100m resolution SST products challenges
  • Workshop W3: Open science on the cloud for GHRSST
  • Workshop W4: Outstanding problems in infrared sea surface temperature retrieval
  • Workshop W5: Open Science is the future, how does GHRSST evolve?
  • Workshop W6/PD3: GHRSST priorities

Agencies’ updated and discussions

Task team reporting

  • Evolution of the Regional/Global task sharing (R/G TS)
  • Climatology and L4 Intercomparison (IC-TT)
  • High Latitude SST (HLSST TT)
  • Matchup Database Standards (MDB TT)
  • Feature Fidelity (F2T2 TT)
  • Shipborne Radiometry (ISFRN TT)
  • Single Sensor Error Statistics and L4 (SSES-L4 TT)
  • HRSST drifters for satellite SST validation (HRSST TT)

Panel Discussions

  • PD1: Training formats on SST, an interactive discussion and co-design session
  • PD2: GHRSST 25th anniversary activities
  • PD3: GHRSST priorities


Advisory Council Meeting

Closing session