Monday 6th June 2016 –
Friday 10th June 2016


Convene, Tysons Corner, VA, near Washington DC, USA,


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The meeting, hosted by CIRA in association with NOAA, was held to bring scientific and operational SST users and producers together to review progress and achievements of SST science and applications within the GHRSST framework.


Plenary Session I: Introduction

  • Welcome to GHRSST XVII, Peter Minnett
  • Sea Surface Temperature: A Common Thread Through NOAA’s Oceanographic Portfolio, Margarita Gregg, https://zenodo.org/record/5512745
  • Sea Surface Temperatures at STAR: The O in NOAA, Paul DiGiacomo, https://zenodo.org/record/5518537
  • NOAA NCEI’s Sea Surface Temperature Portfolio: Foundational Data Sets for Environmental Applications, Krisa Arzayus, https://zenodo.org/record/5518541
  • Uses of Sea Surface Temperatures at the National Weather Service, Hendrik Tolman
  • Sea Surface Temperature in support of NOAA Fisheries, Michael Ford


Plenary Session II: Review of activities since G-XV (Part 1)


Plenary Session II: Review of activities since G-XV (Part 2)

Side Meeting on Next Generation Geostationary Sensors


Plenary Session III: Biases in SST retrievals

Plenary Session IV: Fronts & gradients

Plenary Session V: The Importance and Applications of Geostationary

Sea Surface Temperatures

Plenary Session VI: Analysis

Plenary Session VII: Regional Aspects of SST

Plenary Session VIII: Impact Studies

Closing Session

Summary of breakout groups