This page contains links to educational resources that are external to GHRSST.

Past activities

August 2021, NOAA “Zoomable Oceans, the OceanView”

One-hour tutorial by Prasanjit Dash on the OceanView geospatial viewer.

The online tool is accessible from

A tutorial (1 hour) is available in MP4:

The presentation is available on:

30 August – 17 September 2021, EUMETSAT training course – Supporting Marine EO Educators: professional development, knowledge exchange and networking workshop

The purpose of this training workshop is to share knowledge, skills, resources and code so that attendees are independently able to train others on available EO tools. Find out more:

2022 ECMWF Education and Training Programme Meteorology

Advanced training courses in numerical weather prediction (NWP) to give participants an understanding of the underpinning science as well as current research developments. These courses are aimed at scientists working with NWP systems. For more information visit

17 August 2021, Webinar: Surfing Ocean Data in the Cloud—The Beginners’ Guide to PO.DAAC in the NASA Earthdata Cloud

Learn more about the migration of NASA PO.DAAC physical oceanography data to the Earthdata Cloud hosted in the Amazon Cloud (AWS). During this webinar, we discussed which data are hosted in the cloud, show you options for how to migrate your ocean data discovery and access process to the cloud, and also provide useful resources to support you in navigating this migration. More details:

The recording of the webinar can be found on Youtube: click on the picture on the left side to access the recording.



CMEMS My Ocean Viewer

A tool to produce maps and plots from My Ocean data products

EUMETSAT A year of sea surface temperature – 2016

A video of SST in 2016 with commentary by Anne O’Carroll describing and explaining the significant SST events occurring in 2016.

PO.DAAC Resources

The PO.DAAC Resources page contains animations of many SST datasets.

PO.DAAC State of The Oceans

The PO.DAAC State of The Oceans will generate maps, animations, and plots of physical oceanographic data.

UK Met office OSTIA browser

View a map of the latest SSTs from OSTIA

View maps of the GHRSST Multi-Product Ensemble and inter-comparisons with SST analyses.