Chris Merchant is a distinguished Professor of Ocean and Earth Observation at the University of Reading, UK. He leads an active research group specializing in thermal remote sensing of sea surface temperature. Notably, Chris Merchant is also leading the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative project for sea surface temperature.

Educational Journey and Expertise
He is armed with a BA in Physics from Oxford University and PhD in Space and Climate Physics from the University College London. His expertise and research interests lie at the intersection of Earth observation and climate science, particularly focusing on the theory and practice of climate data record creation.

Driving Climate Science Advancements
The drivers for his involvement with GHRSST includes advancing the theory of sea surface temperature observation to the stage where satellite records can play a strong role in understanding marine climate change, as they do now.

Embracing the GHRSST Community
Being an active Science Team Member of the GHRSST community has provided Chris Merchant with not only intellectual stimulation but also lasting friendships with like-minded colleagues.

Memorable Experiences
Amongst his cherished memories, Chris Merchant recalls memorable experiences during GHRSST meetings, such as cuddling a koala or biking around vineyards.

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