Postdoctoral Position available starting 4th quarter 2023 or early 2024

Duration 3 years

A postdoctoral scholar needed to conduct research in remote sensing of sea surface temperature from the ECOSTRESS thermal radiometer on the International Space Station



Test alternative split-window sea surface temperature algorithms for ECOSTRESS by comparison to in-situ observations (NOAA iQuam, Saildrone, Ships4SST). Develop/implement ocean cloud mask algorithm for ECOSTRESS.  Develop process for correcting systematic biases in ECOSTRESS imagery.  Work on validation of sea surface temperature product, including gradients in collaboration with Jorge Vazquez (JPL). Develop product for distribution through the NASA PO.DAAC, including integration with cloud services and compliance with Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GDS2) standards for SST products.

The distribution of duties is:

30% algorithm development

30% algorithm validation

20% develop product for distribution through NASA PO.DAAC

20% prepare written manuscripts for publication in the primary research literature, that describe the results and their significance.



Experience with remotely sensed ocean data. Ability to write and edit programs in computer languages FORTRAN and C, and write and edit data processing scripts in Python, R or Matlab.  Ability to carry out statistical analyses of data. Ph.D. degree required. Must be fluent in English. Some knowledge of French desirable but not required.


Site of Service

First 12-16 weeks will be at the University of South Carolina, and after that will be based at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.


Salary ~$70K per year


Contacts:  David S. Wethey                                                   Jorge Vázquez Cuervo

Department of Biological Sciences                        PO.DAAC

University of South Carolina                                  NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

715 Sumter St.                                                        4800 Oak Grove Dr.

Columbia, SC  29208, USA                                    M/S 300/323

Tel: +1-803-777-3936                                            Pasadena, CA, 91109, USA

Cell: +1-803-608-4202                                           Tel: +1-818-354-6980

Email:                                    Cell: +1-626-862-3771




The University of South Carolina is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.