The 22nd GHRSST Meeting Moodle is still open. Login at, scroll down to “My Courses” and click on the Course button under ‘22 GHRSST …’.You can find information on how the meeting was run under the “Opening Session, Welcome and Logistics” bar – click on “Information for Participants”.The meeting started on Monday 7th June 2021 with the first real-time sessions starting at 13:00 Universal Time in a Zoom meeting.The Zoom meeting could be joined from any ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link in the Moodle or using the URL:

Meeting Registration: In order to access and participate in the virtual meeting you need to first create an account at if you do not already have one. Click on “Log in” at the top right of the page, scroll to the bottom and click the “Create new account” button and follow the instructions. Once you have your account you need to enrol on the GHRSST XXII Meeting Course at the same site. To enrol go to site above, click on GROUPS > GHRSST and then on the link: 22nd GHRSST INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE TEAM MEETING (G-XXII) or go to and log in. Click on Self enrolment (Participant) and follow the instructions.