Exploring Ocean-Climate Dynamics: Observations, Collaboration, and Policy Implications
Date / Time: 18-10-2023 / 12.00 – 14.00  UTC

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Why this session?

Following on from the OBPS Workshop VII, 2023, 09-13 October we invite you to participate in OBPS Focus Sessions during the week of 16-20 October 2023

The 10 challenges for collective impact set by the UN Ocean Decade continue to be addressed as the Focus Sessions, organized by individual groups, discuss their challenges, practices and coordination.

The session schedule is shown on the TeamUp Calendar where you will find more detail and description.

For further information on OBPS Workshop  VII and Focus Sessions see the OBPS Workshop VII website


What is this session about?

We propose a series of ‘elevator pitch’ presentations followed by a panel discussion with the audience 40-60 Minutes.


Speakers and programme

The speakers are drawn from a range of backgrounds (ocean physics, climate modelling, remote sensing, spatial planning) and include the associated projects and initiatives: GHRSST, the Horizon Europe projects OCEAN:ICE, ObsSea4Clim, and TipESM

Moderation: Erika Hayashi (Danish Meteorological Institute/ GHRSST, OCEAN:ICE, ObsSea4Clim, and TipESM )









* Early career researcher