21st GHRSST International Science Team Meeting (G-XXI)

Event Date(s):

Monday 1st June 2020 -
Thursday 4th June 2020



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The 21st International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XXI) will take place online on 1-4 June 2020.

The meeting will bring scientific and operational SST users and producers together to review progress and achievements of SST science and applications within the GHRSST framework.

Whilst we are disappointed not to be meeting in person in Boulder (due to COVID-19), this is an exciting opportunity to extend our GHRSST collaboration by virtual means.

The meeting will be a mixture of on-line oral and poster sessions and will be based at a Moodle page at EUMETSAT. We are glad to have the support of the EUMETSAT training team. Note: the meeting will NOT use Zoom software. All participants should create an account at https://training.eumetsat.int/.

Enrolment is now open. Participants can enrol (register) for the meeting by going to site above, clicking on GROUPS > GHRSST and then on the link: 21st GHRSST INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE TEAM MEETING (G-XXI) or go to  https://training.eumetsat.int/enrol/index.php?id=367 and log in. Click on Self­-enrolment (Participant) and follow the instructions. Most of the meeting page content will be hidden until the start of the meeting at 00:00 GMT on Monday 1st June 2020.

Oral sessions will use pre-recorded presentations. Participants can view the videos and enter into discussions in the on-line forum.

We will have poster sessions via a Padlet on the meeting page. Padlet allows authors to upload their poster and meeting participants to discuss the poster with the author and other participants by leaving comments and questions in an on-line forum.

Agency reporting will be via two slide Powerpoint presentations and an on-line forum.

The Task Teams (TTs) will each have a Moodle session where they can upload presentations and documents for discussion in their own on-line forum. We envisage making these Moodle sessions available for use in between Science Team meetings to facilitate the work of the TTs.

Please regularly check the latest Agenda with full details and Time-table available here (G-XXI_Draft Agenda.v7, 202/05/27).

The Advisory Council and SST-VC meetings will take place via WebEx (date and times below):

  • The GHRSST Advisory Council meeting will be by webex at 08:00 CEST on Friday 5th June 2020
  • The SST-VC will meet by webex at 22:00 - 00:00 CEST on Tuesday 2nd June 2020
  • Authors of oral presentations for the Science Sessions should submit their recorded presentations by 16th May 2020
  • Task Team presentations and nomination of time slots: 22nd May 2020
  • Agency slides and nomination of time slots: 25th May 2020
  • Poster presenter time slots: 25th May 2020
  • Uploading of poster pdf files: 28th May 2020
  • Final Agenda: available at the meeting
  • Meeting dates: 1st - 4th June 2020
  • Session reports: not later than 29th June 2020
  • Extended abstract for Proceedings: not later than 29th June 2020