19th International GHRSST Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XIX)

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Monday 4th June 2018 -
Friday 8th June 2018


EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany

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19th International GHRSST Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XIX)

The 19th International Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XIX) was hosted and sponsored by EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany, from 4th to 8th June 2018. 

The meeting brings scientific and operational SST users and producers together to review progress and achievements of SST science and applications within the GHRSST framework. The meeting is open to SST experts and the application community actively involved in SST science and applications. The meeting format uses plenary discussion and keynote talks to tackle specific issues. Poster sessions are used to promote discussion.

The meeting was followed immediately by the 7th CEOS SST-VC meeting. As usual, this meeting takes place at the very end of the GHRSST Science Team meeting so the SST-VC members can collate all of the scientific and technical progress from the week and develop a coherent strategy for the year ahead, linking GHRSST and CEOS to advance the needs of SST users around the world.

The GHRSST XIX EUMETSAT website contains much practical information about the venue and the location.


Last deadlines summary:

  • Plenary and breakout session reports: 29th June 2018 (*). See submission instructions in the Agenda.
  • Extended abstract for Proceedings: 29th June 2018 (*). See submission instructions in the Agenda.

(*) Here is the link to the Template for extended abstracts and reports.

Final Agenda


Presentations and posters can be viewed by selecting the 'Event Resources' box (top right corner) (Please note: uploading in progress)


Proceedings GHRSST-XVIII-Proceedings (7.88 KB)