Remote Sensing of Environment special issue

26 June 2018 Published by

As I mentioned at the end of the GHRSST Science Team Meeting at EUMETSAT, the Elsevier journal “Remote Sensing of Environment” is planning a special issue to mark the 50th anniversary of environment remote sensing research and Aida Alvera Azcarate asked me to help her to coordinate a review paper on sea-surface temperature. More details are available at


The papers should

– synthesize the current state of knowledge

– summarize existing issues and limitations

– provide new insights for future research and development

– include a historical overview of the reviewed field


Please let Aida ( and me ( know if you wish to be involved in this land-mark endeavor. Please include, if possible, a sentence on what aspect you would like to cover.  Several of you at the GHRSST Meeting did express interest in this, but please reconfirm your readiness to contribute.


We look forward to hearing from you, ideally in the next week. The deadline for submission is October 30, with intended publication in the calendar year 2019.


Best regards,


Peter Minnett