Release of GCOM-C/SGLI SST in GDS2.0

13 February 2020 Published by

Dear colleagues,

We’re pleased to announce that JAXA has released the GCOM-C/SGLI SST L2P products (V1002) in GDS2.0 format through the JAXA GHRSST server.

SGLI SST L2P in 1km resolution is available at the server from Jan. 1, 2020 to present.

SGLI SST L2P in “250m resolution” will be available for 7 days (due to its BIG file size…).

SGLI SST is validated by using NOAA’s iQuam buoy data. RMSE and bias of “Good” quality data are 0.40 degC and -0.12 degC respectively over global ocean for daytime during 2019.

Please see the following PDF for detailed validation results.

For GCOM-C and SGLI, please visit the following web site.

Best regards,

Misako Kachi & Yukio Kurihara