Rejoining International SOLAS list

12 November 2018 Published by


I’m writing in case you have been interested in SOLAS in the past and may have been at one time on the international SOLAS email list. Due to EU privacy regulations, the list had to be cleared last spring. If you haven’t re-signed up, please do so in order to stay informed of latest SOLAS conferences, bulletins, opportunities, etc.  So far, only about 25% of the people who were originally on the SOLAS list have resubscribed so we are pushing to make sure everyone realizes they need to take action to stay on the SOLAS international list.

If you were not on the SOLAS list, then consider joining now.

If you do not know what SOLAS is and does (and no, this is not Safety Of Life at Sea), then please visit

To join the list, go to the link below:

Thank you! If you have any questions, please ask me.

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