R/G TS way forward

20 April 2020 Published by

Dear GHRSST partner,

If you are a GHRSST data producer and/or distributor, please read carefully this email.

In the last few years, we have been discussing the new organization of GHRSST data production and dissemination system, referred to as the GHRSST Regional/Global Task Sharing (R/G TS). The task team dedicated to this activity has finally released the R/G TS System Architecture Document (GSA) which describes the agreed new framework. The GSA document describes the data management and distribution services and specifies the services that are required to implement it. It is now available on GHRSST web site at the following address:


If you are a GHRSST data producer and/or distributor, you will have to interface with the R/G TS system in next couple of years and you are then involved with us in its implementation. We therefore ask you kindly to carefully review this document with your local technical teams in charge of the data provision. We will be glad to get some feedback on your concerns, issues, etc or to answer any additional question you may have (please email to Jean-François Piollé – jfpiolle@ifremer.fr – and Ed Armstrong – edward.m.armstrong@jpl.nasa.gov).

In addition we also ask you to please fill in the following questionnaire, by mid-May 2019: https://forms.gle/8Ws3NJAr2L462rHM8

It is intended as a first step into the implementation, by assessing each other’s capacities and limitations, and will be used as a basis for a dedicated R/G TS session at the next (online) Science Team meeting in June. In this questionnaire we also ask each partner to nominate one (or more) representative (can be yourself) that will be the point of contact for the implementation of the R/G TS at your organization and will commit to participate to the regular exchanges we plan to organize.

Many thanks for your support.

Best regards

The R/G TS Task Team