PMEL-ESR 2019 Arctic Saildrone Mission

PMEL-ESR 2019 Arctic Saildrone Mission

16 May 2019 Published by

Arctic Saildrones Launch!

PMEL and ESR are collaboratively conducting our 2019 Arctic Saildrone mission. A brief summary of the mission is attached, which includes the new WMO ID for each of the Saildrones. Six Saildrones are currently in water near Dutch Harbor under a final data check. After that, they will sail toward the Bering Sea. Five of them will cross the Bering Sea into the Chukchi Sea.

We will send data (SST, surface T, RH, wind speed and direction, and SLP) to GTS in real time.
We hope they are used as much as possible by NWP forecast systems.

If you want updates and wish to participate, please feel free to foward this notice.
Chidong Zhang from NOAA is coordinating our GTS users.  If you plan to use the data, please email him at .

We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with you during and after the mission in any way suitable to both of us.


Chidong Zhang (NOAA/PMEL) and Chelle Gentemann (ESR)