Issue with VIIRS night-time SST

22 February 2019 Published by

Notice – Problem with NASA S-NPP VIIRS SST


It has recently come to light that a software upgrade at the OBPG at NASA Goddard made on September 15, 2018, has resulted in a degradation of the SSTs derived from S-NPP VIIRS. The OBPG produces the L2 SSTs for MODIS on Terra and Aqua, and the S-NPP VIIRS using algorithms developed at RSMAS, and the L2 fields are then further processed at the JPL PO.DAAC into L2P files and more highly derived fields. The data from mid-September are being reprocessed and the corrected files will soon be available. If you downloaded any of the incorrect data files, please discard these and use the corrected data when they become available.


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