iQuam upgrade to v2.1 and status of NOAA SST monitoring system

15 April 2020 Published by

iQuam will be upgraded to v2.1 on 16 April 2020

Dear GHRSST Colleagues,

This is a reminder that iQuam v2.0 (currently at will be retired on 16 April 2020 and discontinued. The 2.10 (which resided in a temporary url will be promoted to the prime iQuam url.


The http data link will become The ftp for v2.10 will remain .

Please consider transitioning to iQuam v2.10, if you haven’t done so yet. Consult the “About” tab in the “iQuam2” url, if you are interested what’s new in 2.10. Send email queries to (technical questions), (science/data sources/QC) and to (science/management).

Again, many thanks to all our loyal customers and users!

Sasha Ignatov