INPUT REQUESTED – NESDIS Sea Surface Temperature User Needs Survey

8 January 2021 Published by


I would like to share a short survey from NESDIS which is seeking input on user needs for long-term sea surface temperature products. This survey will help NESDIS prioritize and create products that better meet user needs and having sanctuary input ensures that your needs are included. I have pasted information about the survey from NESDID below. Please share with anyone who may be interested.

NOAA is surveying SST users about their needs for long-term Sea Surface Temperature (SST) product(s).  We hope you will take 7-10 minutes to complete our short survey which will inform NOAA’s future approaches to improving longterm timeseries SST products. This survey (authorized under OMB Control No. 0690-0030, which expires July 31, 2023) is voluntary and anonymous, no personally identifying information is collected unless you voluntarily submit it.  Your input on this survey will help the SST Working Group optimize products to meet most user applications.

Please share this email widely among your global network of potential SST users inside and outside NOAA who may assist the Working Group efforts:

Responses are encouraged to be submitted immediately.  NOAA sincerely values your participation in this survey and appreciates your input as NOAA product and information users.

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Zac Cannizzo on behalf of the ONMS climate team