High-resolution sea surface temperature (HRSST) drifting buoys for satellite SST – review workshop

27 May 2020 Published by

High-resolution sea surface temperature (HRSST) drifting buoys for satellite SST – review workshop

Meteo-France, Saint Mandé, Paris, France, 02-04 March 2021


The European Union’s Copernicus-funded TRUSTED project (Towards Fiducial Reference Measurements of Sea-Surface Temperature by European Drifters) has deployed over 100 state of the art drifting buoys for improved validation of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from the Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometers (SLSTR). This workshop is an opportunity to discuss the many issues around the topic of high-resolution sea surface temperature (HRSST) measurements including the benefits brought about by such a network, how it compares to other similar initiatives, the impact of metrology, lessons learnt and recommendations for the future.

The aim of the review workshop is to gather an international independent assessment of HRSST drifting buoys, including those from the TRUSTED project. The meeting shall present and discuss the latest developments on HRSST and the TRUSTED project, satellite SST validation activities and results with HRSST drifting buoys, and data access / availability and quality control. The meeting shall bring together scientific and operational users of HRSST drifting buoys and drifting buoy data producers. The review shall assess whether the drifters are able to meet a HRSST-FRM designated standard and recommend a way forward.

The meeting is open to anyone interested in HRSST drifting buoys and their use for satellite SST validation and scientific / operational SST applications. A matchup dataset of SLSTR and TRUSTED buoy SST will be made available to those interested prior to the meeting. Video conferencing will be available for those not able to participate in person.

Registration and abstract submission will be opened in Autumn 2020. More information on the TRUSTED project can be found here:

https://www.eumetsat.int/website/home/Data/ScienceActivities/ScienceStudies/ TowardsfiducialReferencemeasUrementsofSeaSurfaceTemperaturebyEuropeanDri ftersTRUSTED/index.html

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