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Hope everyone is OK and weathering well in the COVID times.  Just a quick note to ask you to promote the new CIMR Sci2OPS meeting within your networks.

The new web page and registration, abstract submission etc. is all active and available at .

Abstract submission is available at .

Presentations of 15 minutes plus 5 minutes questions are invited on the following topics:

  1. Scientific questions that can be addressed by CIMR in support of the Arctic Policy.
  2. Approaches to Level-2 Geophysical retrievals capitalizing on the multi-frequency measurements of CIMR to address Arctic Policy needs.
  3. Approaches to CIMR product uncertainty derivation, product needs and application.
  4. Global and Regional application of CIMR products in support of Copernicus Services.
  5. Technical input from operational services regarding CIMR product and their provision.
  6. Validation approaches and validation challenges for CIMR products.

If you have registered already due to the change to a virtual meeting we would like to reconfirm your attendance. You can reconfirm your attendance via the following link: Registration Online Workshop.

Thanks for your help


Dr Craig Donlon
Principal Scientist for Oceans and Ice
European Space Agency/ESTEC