GCOM-C/SGLI data release

21 December 2018 Published by

Dear GHRSST colleagues,

JAXA released the GCOM-C/SGLI products on December 20th, 2018. The products cover the terrestrial, atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere and so on https://gportal.jaxa.jp/gpr/.

SHIKISAI (GCOM-C: Global Change Observation Mission-Climate) was successfully launched on December 23, 2017 from Tanegashima Space Center. Initial function verification and initial calibration and validation of the satellite and Second-generation Global Imager (SGLI) have been completed and GCOM-C/SGLI products were released.

JAXA started the observation with SGLI in January 2018 and continues its nominal observation operation. JAXA plans to reprocess the past GCOM-C/SGLI products and provide products for the entire observation period by the end of June 2019.

Released products via the G-Portal are in HDF5 format. JAXA plans to produce SGLI SST in GDS2.0 format and release it via the JAXA GHRSST server in near future https://suzaku.eorc.jaxa.jp/GHRSST/index.html.

Best regards,

Misako Kachi, JAXA/EORC



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