GHRSST Climatology and L4 Inter-Comparison Task Team (IC-TT)


The task team will focus on SST assessment for climate studies and climate applications from the users’ point of view, led by Chunxue Yang (CNR) and Salvatore Marullo (ENEA).  Various long-term SST analyses will be assessed as follows:


  1. Mean and standard deviation of difference between each member with GHRSST Multi-Product Ensemble (GMPE)
  2. Global mean and anomaly time series (mean and standard deviation) for different sections (Atlantic, Pacific, Northern and Southern)
  3. Linear or nonlinear trend of SST
  4. Seasonality
  5. SST gradients (selected areas especially western boundary areas and southern ocean)
  6. Tropical modes (ENSO, Indian Ocean Dipole, Tropical Atlantic Variability) as specific climate case studies


SST Analysis Data Sets Included:

Daily 0.05 deg ESA-CCI (C3S and CMEMS) – 1981 to 2018 (currently)

Daily 0.05 deg OSTIA (CMEMS) – Reanalysis available 1985 to 2007, NRT available 2013 to present

Monthly 2 deg ERSSTv5 (NOAA/NCEI)

Monthly 1 deg HadISST (UKMO)

ERA5-SST (1979 onwards)

Daily 0.25 deg AVHRR_only OISSTv2 “Reynolds SST” (NOAA/NCEI) – available 1981 to present

Monthly 1 deg OI.v2 (NOAA/NCEP) – available 1981 to present

Daily 0.25 deg MGDSST (JMA) – available 1982 to present

Monthly 1 deg OI SST (BoM) – available 2001 to present

Daily 0.01 deg MUR (NASA JPL) – available 2002 to present

Daily 0.05 deg Geo-Polar Blended Night SST (NOAA/STAR) – available 2002 to present


Daily 0.25 deg GMPE (CMEMS) only for climatology comparison (2009 onwards).