Task Team on Feature Fidelity

The Feature Fidelity TT was formed to address issues of uncertainty of satellite-derived SST fields in relation to the study of oceanographic features at mesoscale and smaller, i.e <O(100 km). Features such as currents, fronts, eddies, and gradients are defined by differences in SST over the spatial scale of interest. Critical to the study of these features is the uncertainty in the SST differences rather than the uncertainty in the absolute SST.


Classification of types of problems contributing to uncertainties at different spatial scales.

Identification of effects giving rise to these problems

Outline approaches to quantifying the uncertainties of interest

Two approaches will be investigated:

  • Metrological approach: propagation of errors through the processing steps
  • Determine uncertainty from the variance of the SST fields

Last Report To The Science Team (GHRSST-XXI, 2020)


Task Team Members

Chair: Peter Cornillon
Members: Owen Embury, Irina Gladkova, Cristina Gonzalez Haro, Lei Guan, Jordi Isern-Fontanet, Chris Merchant, Gary Wick